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Hello all.  Just posting some more of my poetry.  These poems are featured in my book, Affirmations: and Other Poems in the Sisters in Love section. I hope you enjoy them and don't forget to check me out on or


We spent our honeymoon in
South America.  “Brazil is a beautiful
place,” you said, “we’ll be with the
beautiful people,” but I couldn’t help
thinking you just wanted to see
topless women in thongs.

So, we spent our honeymoon in
South AmericaBrazil really was a beautiful
place, just as you said, and the women,
topless, wearing thongs…and I couldn’t help
thinking, must be in the water…

We did all the things that newlyweds do
on our South American honeymoon; we
walked along the white sands of
Copacabana Beach, we
shopped in trendy boutiques, we
ate rice and beans and made
newlywed love under the stars.

One day I felt queasy, before
blacking out, I remember, must’ve
been something I ate, you said. When
I came to, you were lying next to me
in our King-sized honeymoon bed, I was
somehow surprised to see you there—

your chest, rising and falling in my
peripheral vision, the soft, rhythmic 
purr of your breathing—on our
honeymoon, always…it seemed
I was seeing you out of the
corners of my eyes.

I Confess

I confess…
I want a man who’ll love me
so much that
he’ll love me for what I am and
what I’m not won’t interest him.

When I’m dripping wet with sweat,
he’ll think it quite appropriate.
He won’t try to change me—too much,
won’t think me not enough of this
or too much of that, and
I’ll extend the same courtesy.

When he gets angry with me
the fact that he’s so in love with me
will make him angrier still, but 
he won’t be able to help it,
he’ll love me, even if it’s against his will
(but I’m sure it won’t be).

He’ll steal the covers just to coax me
to his side of the bed and sometimes,
I’ll be the only cover he needs.
He’ll awaken me in the morning
with a nibble of my ear, or a
tickle on my neck, or some such
drippy lovey dovey nonsensical
show of his heart, which will be
fine with me. 

And then he’ll show
a real interest in my interests and those things
that make me tick—my artistry, he’ll rave
about my creativity.  He’ll even brag about
me to his friends and family…probably
to strangers too,

you see…
He’ll love the way that I walk, admire the way that I
talk, melt at the way that I smile, and whatever
I happen to do at the time will capture him, is
sure to mesmerize.  He’ll know when I need time to
myself and when I need him to be all over me, he’ll
tell me how good I feel next to him and how soft
I am to touch. 

His knees will weaken whenever
he thinks of me, and I’m sure I’ll return the courtesy
when he calls me on the phone in a rush
just to hear my voice,
and we’ll spend the rest of our lives growing old
with each other’s idiosyncrasies.  He’ll be able
say ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘I love you’ with ease, because
he’ll mean it, and so will I when I reciprocate.

And on those times when he gets on my one nerve
and I on his, I may want to strangle him temporarily, and
he, me, but that will be just fine, no really,
because we’ll love each other and I’ll do things for him,
he’ll do things for me and we’ll make our own
traditions for all our anniversaries, and I’ll confess my
deepest secrets and we’ll pool our dreams and tie them
together as we combine our destinies forever…
and that will be just fine.

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