Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oops, I mean, yaaay! I did it again!

More good news.  As I sat at my computer on my job, checking my email, I found out that I'd sold another copy of my collection of poems, Affirmations and Other Poems.  Yaaay me!  I know that two books doesn't sound like much to you maybe, but for me, this experiment that I'm conducting is going quite well.  I mean, of course, I'd rather the momentum pick up considerably and that I maybe sell 15 or 20--thousand--in a day or even a week's time, but I'll settle for two in 7 days.

I'm still trying to find my way in the marketing strategies department and I'm sure I'll learn as I go.  What I don't want to happen is for my time as a research zealot to interfere with my time as an actual writer.

I love to write.  I really do.  But in the back of my mind, I'm fighting with the notion of not being good enough, even though I've experienced minor success as a writer throughout the  years.  When I sit down and really put my fingers to the keyboard, some pretty good stuff usually comes out.  It's just getting my fingers to the keyboard that's the problem most of the time.  I'm doing better, but I must admit that there is still PLENTY of room for improvement.

My two week vacation begins on Monday of next week and I've already made plans to dedicate my time to writing and acquiring writing assignments.  I've gotten a couple from my job already, from teachers and I just recently received a writing assignment from one of my friends at church.  So word is slowly but surely getting around.

What I really want to happen at this juncture is for my creative writing to take on a life of its own.  I want the novels to gush from my brain, be filtered through my heart, and rush through my fingers like water.  And while I'm waiting for this metaphor to become a reality, I promise myself and my future readers that I'll at least put the ideas for my stories down on paper.  Some words are better than no words, wouldn't you agree?

The following are some words I wrote last year.  I hope you enjoy them.


How gloriously the richly written word,
pays tribute to those brave in thought and deed,
to future generations shall be heard,
in victory's wake, triumphant warriors bleed!

Cheryl Lynn  ©April 28, 2009
This Gift Before Me

Place this gift before me
and I will unwrap it,
slowly, meticulously,
as not to disrupt its perfection.

Place this gift before me
and I will touch it,
deliberately and delicately,
to preserve its value.

Place this gift before me
and I will handle it
with care and compassion,
for it is precious in its existence.

This gift that is before me
was flown on the wings of suffering and endurance,
has stood the test of time and trial.
It is worthy of respect, love, and admiration.

Place this gift before me
and I will treasure it,
for it is unmerited, unmatchable,
undeserved...wondrous in its place
inside my heart.

I cannot earn this gift that is before me,
yet it follows me, lives within me, transforms me,
and brings great wonder to this place
inside my heart.

Cheryl Lynn, © April 2009

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