Saturday, February 5, 2011


Okay.  So
this guy walks up to me an’ my girl-homey while we coolin’ it on the steps at her house an’ he sees her little girl is coolin’ it on the grass an’ he’s got this little bag with him an’ then hey says “hey miss, what size shoe yo’ baby wear?” real quick and whispery like so my girl-homey says “size 8” an’ he says “i got some gym shoes for little girl feet/only costya 5 dollus” an’ my girl-homey says “i just bought her a pair” an’ then he says “3 dollus” an’ my girl-homey says “sorry brother/things is kinda tight money-wise” an’ so after my girl-homey says that he looks real sad in the face an’ turns an’ walks away mumblin’ somethin’ under his breath that sounds like it coulda been “thanks anyway” an’ after that we just sorta looks at each other an’ after that we 3 just goddup an’ went in the house to watch TV.

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